Swiftynomics 101 is currently your one stop shop for curriculum and teaching materials related to the economics of Taylor Swift and the NFL. Future content will be built in to support teaching economics with a focus on the transformative ways in which women are impacting and impacted by our economy today. The goal: reaching non-traditional economics students and getting them excited about economics!

Below you will find content geared for students from high school to college. It is a short curriculum meant to last anywhere from one class to an entire week. In the basic version, you will quite simply focus on the theory of the firm to explain the NFL's response to the Taylor-Travis saga. But, if you have more advanced students, you can go beyond the firm to cover core economic concepts like the theory of discrimination (this is the only real life example I am aware of where Gary Becker's theory of discrimination might actually hold) or gender and the economy. It's a choose your own adventure! 



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Intro: The Storyline

This 5-minute video provides an overview of the storyline around the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance from when it went public until now.

Theory of the Firm

This short 2-minute video explains the core basics of the theory of the firm and applies it to the real time pop culture phenomenon of Taylor Swift and the NFL.



1.     Preparation:

a.     Build some slides with visuals and statistics (2-5 slides) or use slides offered.

b.     Build a worksheet or use worksheet offered.

c.     Create an essay or short answer assignment or use essay assignment offered.

2.     Ask students to pick either Taylor Swift fans (Swifties) or NFL fans.

a.     Get into groups to discuss each perspective.

i. What are their first impressions or gut reactions to the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance? For/against?

ii. Why? Have them explain their logic – write it down/discuss. Who has influenced their opinions?

b.     Regroup in large group to discuss all angles/perspectives.

i. Bring the numbers! Statistics, statistics, and more statistics.

1.     # views of NFL games

2.     Change in # views pre/post TAVIS

3.     Change in demographics of viewers

ii. Given what we know about these changes in the fan base, what do we expect to happen? What will the NFL as a business do?

4.     Opposing fan interests

5.     Pressure from some members of original fan base

iii. Discuss opposing perspectives in large group

3.     Show introductory video of timeline of the Taylor Swift & NFL saga.

a.     Discuss/show visually the economic power of:

i. NFL v. The Eras Tour

ii. Travis v. Taylor Swift

4.     Think about a few economic principles:

a.     Theory of the Firm (maximize profits; minimize costs/inefficiencies)

i. Another way to also maximize profits if inefficiencies are reduced is to expand the consumer base.

b.     Waste/inefficiencies

c.     Markets

d.     Consumer Preferences and Consumer Power

e.      Profits

f.       Advanced concepts:

i. Economics of discrimination (incentives to discriminate or not)

ii. Gender and the economy (women/non-binary treated differently than men – how does that show up here?)

5.     How are these principles applied into the business model of ­­­the NFL?

a.     How does the NFL use their resources to achieve success?

b.     How do individual players within this story replicate (or not) these core economic principles?

i. Example: What are the economic benefits of Taylor Swift showing up at Kansas City Chiefs football games? What are the economic deficits/negatives?

ii. Same for NFL fans: What are the economic benefits of Taylor Swift showing up (if any)? Deficits?

6.     Potential resources (see link above with materials):

a.     Taylor Swift v. NFL Fans – Fast Company article

b.     People magazine article

c.     Time magazine article

d.     New Heights podcast (?) – beware of inappropriate language – should be censored before use

e.     Look for short video clips on X/Twitter, Instagram, etc.

f.      NFL commissioner interview, Chief's owner interview, Andy Reid (Chief's head coach) interviews on this topic (available online)